Hello there, at last I am writing a blog !

Some of you may know me from my Instagram, but there is so much more than pretty buildings that I'd love to share here with you. I have been planning a blog for quite a while, I have had so many ideas and totally overthought all them. Typically my inner critic won me over so none actually made it onto a page.

As hairdresser for 25 years when clients visited me I'd always share my latest favourite finds. This could be anything from flowers, clothes, TV programmes, podcasts, to my latest bedtime read. Confidences were exchanged, and stories from lives. I plan for this blog to be just like that . A visit to a virtual salon for a catch up, a place to find inspiration for places to go, watch and things to do . There will of course be Insta-chat , included. I will share tips and tricks along the way to help you with Instagram, and maybe I"ll even bring an Insta Pal or two over for chat too.

I love going out to find interesting places to explore and photograph, but deep down I really am a home bod. I'll be sharing more about that later too in the blog.

Post will not be super polished or over edited, if I did there would be no further posts til 2021 .

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be toddling along now, see you in the next post!