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"5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Creative Inspiration and Entertainment"

A list of 5 Podcasts featuring inspirational creatives with stories to entertain, inform and inspire.

Oh I do love a good podcast ! Podcasts have been around for now for around 20 years, but have really grown in popularity over the last 10. Best be described as "on demand radio" a huge part of the appeal being that you can find content on your exact chosen subject or topic - no niche is too niche - whatever it is , they'll almost certainly be on podcast for it. Although finding that "one " can be a challenge . It's easy to get lost in the sea of possibly hoovering over the search bar.

This week to kick off a new series weekly blogposts featuring of 5 Favourites I share for your delectation 5 of my favourite podcasts for you to sample .

I hope you may find them among them a favourite for your listening list .

  • The Last Bohemians - independent podcast brought to you by Kate Hutchinson. Just image you could eavesdrop on the juiciest of chats from some of the most influential women of the 20th century . Well, you can do just that with this gloriously revealing podcast. The Last Bohemians was created in 2019 by the journalist Kate Hutchinson, who has been exploring the lives of maverick and radical women in arts and culture. Kates intimate style of interviewing luminaries such as Maggi Hambling, Molly Parkin, Gee Vaucher , Dana Gilespie and Zandra Rhodes has had me completely hooked since the first episode . Now in its 4 season and currently on hiatus, you don't need to worry as there's an extensive archive ready and waiting for your ears to connect .

  • Garmology - podcast about clothes and stuff by Nick Johanneseen . Nick has been blogging since 2013 on sartorial matters at A Well Dressed Dad and podcasting Garmology since 2020 . Here he hosts cosy chats with Designers, Collectors , and Maufactuers from all over the world covering production, business and style. Listening I have been gaining insights into the world of quality clothes, sustainability and why this matters in the fast moving world of fashion . Notable favourite episodes - We make them here ! with Marie and Wil of Old Town , Crafting Dreams with Carolyn Denham, Merchant and Mills , and The Happy Dresser- with Rebecca Smith .

  • 3. Electronically Yours by Martyn Ware - you may remember his name from Heaven 17 ? However there are many more strings to his bow than that one as he’s an award winning producer and so much more. Currently Martyn is making a brillant (weekly) and self funded podcast in which he talks to artists from the world of music , art , film , comedy and TV . With his relaxed style these chats are often humorous , usually unedited and always hugely entertaining . The list of episodes is is long and favourites are usually 1980's pop people- these include the Dave Ball (Soft Cell), Richard Barbeieri (Japan) , and Clare Grogan (Altered Images) .

  • 4. Haptic & Hue by Jo Andrews. This is a podcast dedicated to textiles , and it's role in our lives and communities . Jo is a handweaver, who brings her former life experience as a reporter and senior correspondent for Independent Televison News to the podcast as she uncovers unexpected stories from across the globe. All episodes are linked by fabric and threads. Stories of past, present and future, they are all as varied as they are interesting . A few of my favourite episodes are Cabbage and Mungo - How Recycling Returned to Savile Row , The Tale of Tangled Tartan , and The Garment That Sweeps Through History - The Everlasting Cloak.

Jo is meticulous in her research, and her passion for the subjects covered is evident throughout each and every episode .

  • 5. This Cultural Life -BBC Radio 4 - I love the varied guests and how John Wilson in his polite and thoughtful manner gets to the depts of the world's leading creatives figures revealing the most significant influences that have inspired their work. John journeys through the lives of very familiar and a few less familiar names, bringing the stories of how they came to be where they are now in their creative lives to the podcast . Among the guests are Authors , Actors, Film Makers, and Dancers. Favourite episodes include Sam Taylor -Johnson, Zadie Smith , Nigel Kennedy and Matthew Bourne.

The list of 5 of my favourite podcasts, all have a similar theme, creativity and apart from No 5 are all independently created and produced. Some of the creators have Patreon pages which help keep them free of advertising and support the process.

If you listen to podcasts another way you can support the creators is by leaving an i-Tunes review - this helps the podcast to get discovered by more listeners.


See you next week for a fresh list of 5 Favourites .

I will publish a list of 5 Favourites each week for the duration of the Summer .

Be sure to come back each Sunday or sign up below for reminders .

Thanks for reading !


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Brilliant list - thanks!

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