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"5 Must-Have Summer Essentials: Are You Prepared?"

This week I am sharing what I recommend in answer to those pesky problems of insect bites and keeping cool to my friends in conversations when the heat is on .My 5 Summer essentials , the things that keep me cool and comfortable in the heat of Summer.

  1. Alliderm recommend to me by a very well respected Herbalist to prevent infections from insect bites. When I am bitten I suffer bad reactions, which have resulted in cellulitis on a few occasions . I believe this garlic gel to be a miracle, it has changed my outcomes with bites since using it I have not had an infection at all . Alliderm is a natural product made using compound allicin, which has antimicrobial properties created by Norman Bennett in 1999. You can read all about it at Allimax. . If you get a an insect bite , wash it asap with antibacterial soap , apply the gel and take an antihistamine . Alliderm can then be applied as often as you feel necessary . It has definitely helped me recover from gnat bites faster and avoid infections.

  2. Neils Yard Citronella Body Spray - a natural alternative to chemical repellents. This was recommended by a friend who lives in a very marshy area and suffers from consistently being bitten by gnats over the summer. I have found this Citronella spray to be very effective when sprayed on my trouser legs at ankles, as well as on my arms and wrists. I use it in combination with the wrist band below (5) for extra protection when in places where I feel particularly vulnerable to being bitten by insects.

  3. QIK-LABS Cooling Towels - Oh my goodness, these towels are unbelievably good at lowering your temperature quickly. I was skeptical about them, but they really do work. These are small cloths that you soak in water, wring out, shake, and wear, probably around your neck or wrist, or maybe just lay across your forehead. They stay cool for quite a while. If you read the reviews on Amazon, you will see just how highly rated they are. Great for the gym, walks, holidays, and even hot flushes!

  4. Portable Handheld Desk Fan When the heat is on, either from the sun or from a "Personal Summer," a fully charged, ready-to-run rechargeable fan is the perfect antidote. I recently bought one from Amazon, which I don't recommend as it is too heavy and bulky for a handbag. This one from John Lewis looks much better and has excellent reviews.

  5. Mosquito Repellent Bands I started wearing these about 4 years ago and find them extremely effective, saving the need for chemical repellent. I wear one discreetly on my ankle every time I go out for an evening in the summer. The brand I have used is no longer available, and these seem to have replaced it. I keep the band in the bag it comes in, and one band will usually last me an entire summer. Until next Sunday … Hope you enjoy the week ahead - it is set to be a hot one across the UK !


Unknown member
Jun 24

some great recommendations thank you! here’s to getting the weather to use them soon!

Jul 01
Replying to

British Summer is being typically unpredictable ! Thank you for reading and commenting 🤓

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