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An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down - Capsule Wardrobe Dressing

Long before anyone had ever coined the phase capsule wardrobe 'Rod The Mod' Stewart clearly appreciated the value of a good raincoat when he released his album "An Old Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down".

Rod Stewart Album Cover shows band in brown rain Mac and brown felt hat chasing a child with whit e Victorian Style cotton bloomer suit in a field alongside two other children in Victorian Style Dress .
Rod Stewart "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down " 1969

I on the other hand had never given the subject of raincoats or capsule wardrobe dressing much thought. My messy wardrobe with it's crowded rails have no relationship with the concept of a capsule wardrobe. However after I noticed just how often my raincoat pops up on my camera roll I think there is something to be said to aim for a collection of key items of clothing to form the basis of a capsule wardrobe .

My old faithful was liberated from a sale rail five years ago in Zara. It was the £5.00 price sticker that caught my eye. I remember trying it on and being unsure of its oversized cut which was quite a new silhouette in 2018, but for a fiver I wasn't going to leave this baby behind. It would be handy when I walked the dog if nothing else .

When I got home and showed my family I was disappointed they weren't at all enthusiastic. The comments ranged from "No wonder it was £5.00, no one wanted it !", "Who wears those big coats?" and "Just because it was cheap you didn't have to buy it "

After the vote of no confidence from home I was uncertain about wearing it out anywhere other than around the block with the dog, but I ventured out to the shops regardless. In the first shop I went into I was spurred on by a sweet compliment from a young fashion student who asked where I had brought it and said she thought I looked really stylish. Aw the kindness of strangers, a few good words can work wonders.

My family have now grown used to the coat. I was astonished when a What's App message from my Daughter a popped up with a a picture of her wearing it on a night out . My coat was out on an excursion to Winter Wonderland

without my permission .

Price per wear - I've no idea, but I do know that it works out at £1.00 per year which I am amazed by.

This coat is a hard worker, it's been washed by the washing machine at home, needs no ironing, creases very little and is lightweight for me to carry or pack.

The olive colour goes with everything, length is great as a cover up and also keeps my clothes dry in a rain shower.

This coat has proven to me that a long raincoat is one of the best investment pieces for anybody's wardrobe. Out of all the items in my wardrobe this is definitely one of the most worn, which has brought me on to think about maybe thinning out my wardrobe to adopt the idea of a dressing with capsule wardrobe mentality.

Photographic Evidence from 2018 to 2023.

You may notice the changing of my hairstyles, including lockdown bun look, brown hair and an awkward 2018 photo taken at the Sky Garden by some insistent Japanese Tourists. I had taken photos for them and they decided I must accept a return of the favour .

The pictures are mostly selfies sent to various friends or family via What's App when I am out and about to prove I am alive and well.

Oh and a few loo selfies - more on that in another blogpost !

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