Is Cedric Grolet at The Berkeley Cafe worthy of the hype ?

Recently Cedric Grolet - 2.3M Instagram followers and named the worlds best pastry chef in 2018 opened

his first outlet outside of Paris at The Berkeley Hotel .

The media fluttered and I thought I‘d take nosey round to find out why in Paris, folk queue round the block to buy Cedric Goodies.

I hope you‘ll join me, particularly if you love cakes and carbs as much as I do......

Cedric Grolet The Berkeley Knightsbridge London  Flower Cakes and Scones under glass domes on the counter
Cedric Grolet Counter at The Berkeley

The decor of Cedric Hotel Knightsbridge. Lemons on the table for a seasonal decoration . Curved leather beige sofa with velvet lines the walls with gold pillars and mirrored walls . Wooden round tables and curved chairs for guests to sit and eat  at . The carpet is patterned with circle design of orange , grey and beige .
Curves of Cedric Grolet - The Berkeley Hotel Cafe

Greeted by the faint smell of baking and a friendly face I‘m ushered through the luxurious 70’s cafe style lounge. Curvy seats hug the walls, topped off and framed with groovy lighting.

It's just the right side of busy.

Chef with hat and chefs whites working at the window of Cedric  Grolet  - The Berkeley Hotel London .
Working in the open kitchen - Cedric at The Berkeley

I noticed Pastry Chefs working in an open plan kitchen creating a theatre like experience - I am now hooked and ask for a seat with a view.

I enquired about the menu and l’m led to the cake selection, housed under glass domes they resemble museum pieces, perfectly replicating fruits and flowers .

Cedric Lemon Cake under glass dome
Cedric Grolet Lemon Cake

Each cake has a story explained to me by my friendly waitress, along with preferences and recommendations.

I decide on the "Special" - Pain Suisse to become my breakfast .

I never eat cake before noon . . .

The Cedric Grolet Patisserie at The Berkeley Hotel London . Black Japanese style tea pot and black . Cup of tea and Chocolate Pastry on wooden curved table .
Breakfast at The Berkeley - Cedric Style

This ”pimped up” version of a pain au chocolate is a generous pastry that could have easily been shared. However, once tasted I realised that is unlikely to happen .

Delicately layered with a ridiculously satisfying crunch, and scrumptious chocolate centre , this pastry packed a punch .

I savoured every mouthful of the £9.00 ‘Special’.

After eating every last flake of pastry that fell from my mouth on to the beautiful black flower plate I washed it down with an English Breakfast Tea .


Would I go back ?

Hell yes - I want a CAKE .

The flower vanilla cake of Cedric Grolet Bakery London. Cake under glass dome on round brass plate . The Berkeley Hotel.
Vanilla Petal Flower Cake - Cedric Grolet


The receipt for Credric Grolet The Berkeley Hotel . Total price £18.00 includes service .
My Bill from The Berkeley Cafe

Be in no doubt this is a luxury experience - I recommend it for a treat .

Or if you are wealthy and healthy just go for it - as often as you fancy

Cedric could even be the place you choose to book for tea and cakes instead of traditional  afternoon tea .

You might choose to try the 5 or 7 course menu .

I felt comfortable going it alone at the Hotel, staff were welcoming and I appreciated that I was not rushed out of my seat . I happily sat watching the chefs at work as the buses rolled past in the Spring Sunshine.

Japanese Style Tea pot and cup and floral style plate . Cedric Grolet Pain Suisse
My seat and table at The Berkeley Hotel Cafe.


Unmissable an extra note for you - be sure you visit the loo whilst you are here for a selfie.

Even Cedric has posted one on his Instagram.

The washrooms rate as one of the most glamorous in London and could even have their own “bogpost” - sorry blog post !

The Washroom at The Berkeley Hotel - Rose Gold lit wall and gold tap at marble sink and piled up fluffy white towels and tissues in a silver box .
Luxury Washroom Facilities at The Berkeley Hotel

I only went in to take a look and ended up

staying !

l have joined the

2.3M followers on Instagram

I am now one of those fans who will happily queue for Cedric G goodies .

So in answer to the question -

Yes - from this visit it appears to me that Cedric really is worthy of all the hype.


Cedric Grolet Croissants on baking rack at The Berkeley Hotel Cafe London
The famous Cedric Grolet Croissant.

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Pain Suisse Cedric Grolet and Cup of Black Tea
Cedric Grolet - The Berkeley Cafe - Knightsbridge