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"Exploring the Dynamics of Friendships: 5 Key Insights"

Friendships are always evolving, with shifting types and dynamics. They can be intricate and disorderly, and at times incomprehensible. As researchers delve into the enigmatic realm of friendships, this week's compilation is focused on Friends. I trust you will find it engaging and enlightening.

“Fake friends are like shadows, they follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.”

-Victoria Hanley

  1. What is your friendship style ?

Based on the latest science-supported initiative from The New York Times, the complimentary 5 Day Friendship challenge is a program designed to improve your friendships with daily activities.

Do you lean towards being a Butterfly or a Dragonfly in terms of friendship style? Begin by participating in the QUIZ to discover your unique style.

I found that mine was remarkably precise.

2. A single quality conversation with a friend boosts daily well-being - The University of Kansas study reveals that just one such conversation during the day can make you happier and less stressed by day's end.

The topic of conversation can be one of 7 -

  • Catching up

  • Meaningful talk

  • Joking around

  • Showing care

  • Listening

  • Valuing others and their opinions

  • Offering sincere compliments

3. Professor Robin Dunbar - Experimental Psychology - University of Oxford

Social Media Friends - According to a survey by Professor Robin Dunbar, 60% of our social media time is spent engaging with our 5 closest contacts. Many users spend hours interacting with strangers online, leading to superficial and one-sided relationships, contrary to the traditional notion of interpersonal connections.

Dunbar's Number is the limit of 150 friends, as explained by Stephen Fry on the BBC program QI. According to Dunbar, we typically have around 5 intimate friends and about 150 friends in general. Further research led me to the book "Friends - Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships" by Robin Dunbar, which delves into human friendships and insights discovered through research work. The book explores various aspects of human friendships, such as homophily, the seven pillars of friendship, friendships as we age, reasons for friendship endings, and online friendships.


4. Just Say Hello - Duncan Raban. Duncan tours Britain spreading friendship and positivity, encouraging people to greet others with compliments. His videos showcase kind, uplifting, and humorous interactions, often sharing his own struggles with depression in a generous way.

This man is a walking ray of sunshine .

5. |The Poetry of Friendship this is a delightful collection - 20 Poems that celebrate the special connections of Friendship from Oprah Daily. A compilation of exquisite verses centered on the essence of friendships, offering words for various occasions to convey love and friendship.

While the list could go on, it will conclude here in line with the theme of 5.

Until the next list is published on Sunday -Toodle - pip !


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