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Secret Supper Clubs in 2023

Super Clubs used to be a "thing" about 15 years ago and are now back in vogue .

The name Supper Club covers a variety of situations where people open up temporary restaurants. These maybe even be hosted in private homes. Most serve a set menus .

We took a leap of faith to Castle Farm Supper Club recently with only the vaguest of idea of what a Supper Club is in 2023. .

Provencal Bistro was the theme at the Castle Farm Supper Club in Somerset.

Castle Farm is an Organic Farm just outside of the City of Bath.

Run since 2018 by husband and wife team Pravin and Leah Nayar - if you didn't know you could easily pass by the entrance believing this to be a purely working farm.

It has been named one of the Best Restaurants in Somerset by CN Traveller

As we entered as a candlelit French Bistro we felt like we are at a private party with all the details you would expect to find at a Bistro the heart of France. .

With arrivals from 7pm and a 10.30 finish this 'party' was a full evening's experience.

French style starter, bread with tomatoes and floral topping
Castle Farm Midford Supper Club Starter

From our table we could watch the two chefs working in the open. As we had no idea of the menu each of the six courses was a delightful surprise.

I have no details of the menu from the evening due to the temporary nature of the pop up, but here are my photos to show you the food.

My favourite course of the six was the bisque and salmon which was really flavoursome, and my first ever bisque.

In our opinion the club offered good value for money as the food was beautifully presented and prepared with high quality ingredients.

We paid £58 each for the six course menu.

The nature of the Supper Club is fleeting and as such is appealing . Some may pop up just for the busiest season of a venue, it could be in a coastal location over the Summer Months, or a temporary take over of a space in between tenancies. Supper Clubs can act as a "springboard" for new and upcoming chefs to start their own business with a lower start up costs and can in turn offer customers excellent value for money.

How do you find a Supper Club ?

I have to warn that they can be hard to find, many are just through word of mouth, making them feel extra special.

Of course they are discoverable on Google.

Supper Clubs UK

Across the globe clubs and culinary experiences including Super Club listings from home based hosts as well as other venues.

Italian London Supper Club

Bermondsey London Supper Club in a private home-

Castle Farm

If I have inspired you to try a Supper Club, and you find a good one please do share it with me !

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