What is Instagram all about ?

What is Instagram ?

I get asked this a lot by friends and it's actually quite hard to answer in just one sentence. My reply usually goes something like this :

“It's a bit like a party . Super busy and full of people as it's been going on for quite a while . Most people there have already made made lots of friends, so it can feel a bit intimidating . Like any party though

it's worth making the effort to go . Take a look around , you've really nothing to lose."

How can I get into Instagram ?

You can take a look online, but you need to open an account to get in. Like any party when you first arrive you will want to find people you already know. This could be friends , brands you love, maybe even a celebs or TV shows you like. See what you think - its free , you have nothing to lose by joining in . When you find a pictures you like , double tap on them and show them some love .

Why should I like a picture on Instagram ?

I am a frequent 'liker ' on Instagram. I always explain it's kind of like saying hello , letting people know you are there. This is as well as the obvious appreciation for a photograph or its content . Once a friend of mine said to me , "I really like looking at your pictures on Instagram." I replied “Do you ? I didn’t know that". I had no idea they were even looking at my photos, let alone that they actually liked them . It's really nice if people take a moment to tap and like. It's similar to saying hi to someone at a party, they may reply by popping over to your account . It also means that the owner of the account, knows what people like. Continually sharing content that people are not engaging with in can feel like people aren't interested. Eventually it could lead to someone not wanting to share stuff on Instagram .

Why do I need to follow people ?

If you follow people it will make the app more engaging for you . It will then give you an Instagram feed that is tailored to you.

Should I comment ?

If you like to chat , certainly, chat away . You may want to say something about an image, ask a question on or just say that you like the picture posted . People who post images will usually appreciate it when someone takes the time to give a comment. A lot of time and thought goes into creating a post for Instagram.

Expect to be spammed with follower requests.

Even if you have set your account up as a private one you will get people requesting to follow you . You may find that after you say yes they unfollow you. It is an annoying practice that some people use to gain more followers. You can then unfollow or if you like their content carry on following .

Don’t expect masses of followers

If you have a private account you may just want follow your friends and family . Most of the other accounts you decide to follow probably won’t follow back. They'll have no idea of who you are because they can’t see anything about your account (it’s private ). People don’t tend to request private accounts . I think being private on Instagram when you first start is the best option whilst you familiarise yourself with the app.

Working out your Why ?

It takes a while to work out how to use the app and what you want from being there. It could be that you just like to look at pictures . Shots can inspire you to travel, decorate your home, style your wardrobe, cook more adventurously, the list is endless.

It takes time to work out what Instagram can give you in return for your time spent on the app. I am sure you'll find it can be rewarding in lots of different ways.

My why has changed over the years . I joined Instagram in 2016 , I started off with a challenge of posting a positive picture everyday for a year. Next, I was posting pictures of my sewing, and then it became the instagram feed you all know today.

There is so much more I could say on Insta but I will leave it here for now. Hope you enjoyed my musings .

Till next time,

Toodle -lo