The first of a series of postcards from day trips around the UK.

Seagull St Ives Cornwall
Parading St Ives

Cornwall is an intriguing county of rugged coastline and ancient fishing ports.

The beauty of Cornwall attracts artists, surfers, walkers, and holiday makers from all over the world.

Falmouth Harbour Boats in Cornwall
Falmouth Harbour Cornwall

We made our base in harbour town of Falmouth.

From here we walked the coastal path, indulged in fish and chips, Cornish ice cream and Pasties. We wandered around the shops and afterwards sat soaking up the atmosphere and views whilst drinking cider seated outside the Harbourside Pub.

Point to note - the shops closed at 5pm and most restaurants needed to be pre booked .

Falmouth beach Cornwall

We drove from Falmouth to explore St Ives and Barbara Hepworth's House.

Traditional Houses of St Ives Cornwall surrounded by  cobbled streets
Love Lane - St Ives

Cottages in cobbled streets of St Ives Cornwall
Cobbled streets - St Ives

Seagulls in St Ives Cornwall on the beach with fishing boats
St Ives Locals

Tate Gallery St Ives
The magnificent Tate Gallery over looks the sea

Places to eat St Ives  Bakery Cornwall
Stopping off at Ives Bakery

Interior of Barbara Hepworth House St Ives
Barbara Hepworth's House

Barbara Hepworth Studio St Ives Cornwall
Exploring the Garden Studio

Barbara Hepworth Studio
Looking into the studio

Barbara Hepworth House Garden St Ives Cornwall
Barbara Hepworth's Garden View

St Ives Beach Cornwall
St Ives Beach

This town has so much to offer, ancient cobbled streets, Independent Shops , Art Exhibitions and a beautiful beach for surfing and strolling .

As the Summer Months can get very busy you may prefer to consider a trip outside of this time.

We also visited Leech Pottery which I will cover in a separate post. I plan to write a series in this format of

postcards from days out in the UK to share with you. I think we will all be needing inspiration with the current situation still limiting travel .

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Shops in the historic high street in the conservation area of Deal, Kent . UK
Conservation Area Deal - Kent

If you enjoyed this post you may like to read my guide to the seaside town of Deal in Kent.


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Do you miss going to London?

If the answer is yes, then I have a list of films and tv series to take you back there from the comfort of your sofa .

I dug deep to bring the less familiar and some that you may have forgotten - all feature London Stories, Style and Structure of the City.

I have added links for ease, many are from Amazon Prime Video. Alternatively look to Google or other search engines to find the many other places to download from .

Phantom Thread

Daniel Day Lewis plays a 1950's Couturier in London who runs his house with dedication and precison until he falls in love .


The 2015 biographical crime thriller film adapted from book "The Profession of Violence ".

Tom Hardy plays both Kray Twins.

Filmed across London - Waterloo, Limehouse, Greenwich and Hackney .

Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint and Julie Walters along with the majestic Debenham House star in this charming 2006 coming of age-comedy.

The film is a gentle story of a young boy who takes a job assisting an eccentric elderly actress and forms an unlikely friendship with her over a long Summer .

Filmed on location at glamorous Debenham House in Holland Park which is Julie Walters Character Evie's home. This hidden gem of London is a private residence, previously home to the department store owner Ernest Ridley Debenham.

An Education

Based on the true story of the journalist Lynn Barber, this coming of age movie is like being transported back to 1960's London .

Filmed around the Ealing and Acton areas .


Judy Garland arrives in London in 1968 to perform a series of sell out concerts.

Lots of lush London Locations including The Hackney Empire, The Banking Hall and Jerusalem Tavern Clerkenwell.

The Trial of Christine Keeler

The true story of a nineteen year old model entangled in a love triangle with a spy , and a minister which lead to a trial which rocked 1960's Britain . This became known as 'The Porfumo Scandal' . A defining moment in the history of 1960's Britain .

Fantastic styling and story telling .

Starring Sophie Cookson, Ellie Bamber and James Norton.

This Filmed in Bristol - set in London .

Sophie Cookson and Ellie Bamber . Trial of Christine Keeler BBC .

Stan and Ollie

A comedy drama based on when Laurel and Hardy came to the UK to tour in 1953 -54.

Locations include The Royal Opera House, The Savoy Hotel and Eltham Palace .

Another Year

Tom ( Jim Broadbent ) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) are a cosy older couple whose life is documented over one year as Gerri's friend Mary (Lesley Mandville) leans on them for support after her Husband leaves her .

A 2010 Mike Leigh Film - Nominated Oscar for Best Original Screen Play.

Set and filmed in Wanstead, East London .


Romantic Comedy.

Based on a true story of how love can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Diane Keaton plays a character who lives in posh apartment she no longer can afford and falls in love with Donald, a loner who lives off the land in a makeshift cabin on Hampstead Heath.

Filmed in Highgate Cemetery, Hampstead , as well Cliveden Estate in Berkshire.

Small Axe

Steve McQueen's award winning set of films made for the BBC based on real life experiences of London's West Indian Community between 1969 -1982.

Film locations include Brixton, and Hendon .

The Look of Love

The story of Paul Raymond who became one of London's Richest Men and the of Capital's most well known characters.

Of course filmed in Soho locations - look out for The French House and L'Escargot.

Lady in the Van

Only in London !

Based on the true story of Mary Shepard a homeless woman and the writer Alan Bennett.

Mary 'temporarilly' parks her van on Alan's drive and ends up living there for 15 years.

The film was shot around Bennett's old house in Camden Town .

It's a Sin

Russel T Davies drama serial depicting the lives of a small group of young gay men living in London as the AIDS/HIV Crisis erupted from 1981 - 1991.

The series is set in London, but was mainly filmed in Manchester .

Finding Your Feet

A Rom - Com feel good movie starring Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie .

Locations include Hampstead Ponds, Hackney Empire Theatre and Soho .

High Hopes

Social Comedy .

Another Mike Leigh, filmed in 1988 in Kings Cross area and centres around a family with very different ways of life and views.

Filmed in Kings Cross (much altered now) Highgate Cemetery, Bow and Broadgate .


The Savoy

See behind the scenes of the World Famous Savoy in this recent series. You will meet guests and staff seeing how the Savoy keep standards high and guests happy an exceptional level of service and commitment . The series ends after the outbreak of Covid -19, which sadly forced the Hotel to close doors temporarily .

Mr Selfridge

The story of how in 1909 Mr Harry Selfridge came to London form Chicago and brought to life his plan for the biggest, finest department store the world has ever seen.

Located in London filmed in Aldwych (disused) Underground Station, East London Calvert Avenue and Arnold Circus, but mostly filmed on sets built in a disused carpet warehouse in Neasdon .

Gangster Granny

Not just for kids !

A heart warming comedy drama based on David Walliams Book. Stars David Walliams, Julia McKenzie , Miranda Hart and Reece Buttery .

This film made me giggle. I loved the locations which included Ealing and East London.

White Teeth

Drama from the books by Zadie Smith covering three generations of Love , Friendship and Culture .

Shot mostly in Willesdon and Cricklewood.

Darkest Hour

Wartime Drama.

Gary Oldman plays Churchill making decisions at the start of WW2 .

Shot at various locations in the UK including Westminster. Some of the filming actually took place outside the Palace of Westminster. Sets were built to replicate the interior, as well as the London Underground (as seen below) and the Cabinet War Rooms.


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Make your walks more inspiring with a new perspective

As the lockdown months roll on have you found your usual daily walk around the block has become less than inspiring and more of a chore ? Could you do the loop with your eyes closed and describe every detail ? I have found myself listening to podcasts instead of the birds, and not noticing anything unless it's straight in front of my nose. After so long walking the same paths it's so easy to just switch off . We disconnect with what's around us and end up missing what fresh eyes might even see as magical.

I decided to try to make my daily dog walk more interesting after being inspired by Philippa Stanton's photos from her walks in the Brighton area on Instagram. Her shots feature a lot of close up detail and are often abstract. Very unlike my usual way of seeing the world. I dusted off my copy of her 2018 book 'Conscious Creativity' and started to plan. Impatient to get started I didn't read it from cover to cover, or follow the exact program, it doesn't matter though as it's the sort of book you can dip in and out of and interpret in your own way .

If you want to try for yourself I recommend going for a walk with just one theme in mind, you can decide once you start your walk what this will be.

Something simple like one colour or shape. Look for it at all levels from the ground up. Scan areas you wouldn't usually take a second glance at. Notice texture, shape, patterns, movement, etc.

The first day I did this I choose white as a theme.

I took photos with my phone camera , but you don't have to take pictures. Maybe you sketch or paint ? Record it however you choose. Or you may prefer to just enjoy observing and record in your memory.

Maybe you fancy picking up a few things along the way like pine cones , pebbles , feathers anything that catches your eye or imagination. You can then observe them further at home. I made an album of a few my pictures from my phone.

When you are ready, move on to other ideas . You could choose a different focus per day or week.

A few ideas to get you started

Colour - pick one or maybe two

Shapes - Circles, Squares, Stars , Rectangles

Text - Typo, look at sizes and shapes and unusual places where you can see words placed.

Scale - large and small how they fit into the landscape .

Shadows - how they change and where they tell a story

Old and New - styles; architecture; plants; and trees etc

Abandon and Neglected - forgotten buildings, rubbish , furniture

Texture Hunting - manmade or natural

Go Backwards

Walk your usual walk in the opposite direction.

Start where you would usually finish.

Change the timing

Try to go out at a different time of day to your usual habitual walk. The light will be different and you will have a very different perspective.

If you always walk in the morning try an evening walk or vice versa .

Go 360

Don't just look straight ahead . Be sure to look up , down and all around, lots of interesting stuff is found very low to the ground or high above.

Fiat 500 . Mini UK . British Cars. Creative Photography Ideas

Finding unfamiliar in familiar places.

Yes it can be a challenge, but it's not an impossible one.

Think of it as a game - a grown up version of I - Spy .

I hope that after reading this you've been inspired to look out for new things and take in a different view of your regular walk.

If you want to see more please go to where I will been sharing more on my Instagram stories . I may even be writing a few more blog posts on this subject as I have been so inspired.

You can find Philippa on Instagram

Conscious Creativity is available from Blackwells


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